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We’re in charge of our own destiny, we create our own colour, you know what i’m saying; we understand each other. And while we’re at it, we’ll give them some of that ‘take - home goodness.’ Evo® Fabuloso Pro: we’ll make it together.

Evo® Fabuloso Pro in-salon ‘colour refresh and maintenance system’ – enables hairdressers to refresh, intensify and maintain their clients’ hair colour in between all colour services (permanent, demi and semi-permanent). Using Evo® Fabuloso Pro, salons can offer 3 professional services:

  • create unlimited semi-colours for use during a colour service to refresh, fill, tone, pastelise, accent and enhance all colour (permanent, demi and semi-permanent)

  • provide a shine treatment as an after-colour service that helps seal the cuticle; helping to maintain and preserve hair colour

  • mix unlimited retail colour conditioners as a part of a customised retail service to perfectly match and help maintain clients’ colour in-between salon visits (permanent, demi and semi-permanent)

Evo® Fabuloso Pro colour intensifiers are direct pigment, deposit only, ammonia free, peroxide free semi-colours in a conditioner base. Colour refresh, colour tone, colour fill, colour accent, and colour enhance by mixing the 8 Evo ®Fabuloso Pro colour intensifiers to create an endless array of semi colours. Temptress after colour service is a professional strength, ammonia free, peroxide free treatment that helps seal the cuticle as well as maintain and preserve hair colour – leaving the most porous hair perfectly smooth and incredibly shiny. Evo® Fabuloso Pro conditioner bases extend the life of hair colour, improve hair strength, increase moisture and give added uv protection. Add the Evo® Fabuloso Pro colour intensifiers to the conditioner bases to create a customised colour intensifying conditioner for your client.

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